Download AQE v0.13


– I just updated the game. 

Press ‘F1’ key in the Gallery,  29 H -scenes will be released. (exclude 6 animations)


This is only for 64bit.
32bit version has the Low frame rate Bug that I couldn’t handle, so I didn’t build it. Sorry about that.




Hey, I need your Support!


Already 3 weeks have passed since the first demo was released.

Still, there is so much stuff to do. And I think it seems to take a lot of time to do all the work alone.
So I think I need to focus the developing the game without a part-time job.

So now I ask you to support me through Patreon.
If you become my Patron, I can keep focus on this project and your support make me more challenging and enthusiastic.





Alien Quest : EVE, Gallery

Hey  guys,

There are some changes in the Gallery compared to my previous games.
You can control multiple animations. Speed control, loop setting, and there are ‘Cumshot’ button each animation slot 🙂
You can also control the camera with the mouse.

And for the first time, I made a gameover CG. So I want you guys to be satisfied.
You will probably see 5 gameover CGs.

I want to show the demo as soon as possible, but I need more time.
give me 2 weeks again..

Alien Quest: EVE


I don’t wanna make action game but I did again…
Making Action game takes so long time and there is so much stuff to do.
So… My next game will be a simple simulation game.

ah, Demo still needs some time.

Sorry guys… I know i’ve let you down…


Sorry guys… I know i’ve let you down…

It took a long time to be released on Dlsite…

..And there are some changes after the Final demo.

– Web version was deleted. (DLsite rejected)
– Add 1 animation. (girl on girl)
– Add 7 Girl Object.
– Maid can use Lightning storm.

I’ve made uncensored patch but it’s not working..
I’m trying to find a way..

Honestly.. i’ve played my game so many times..
not so funny.. bored..

…please don’t expect too much.. it’s just hentai game..

And sorry again about her shoes…

Dungeon & Maid released on DLsite