I’m so sorry. There is a problem with game running in 32bit Windows!!!!!

I didn’t know that it needs to test on 32bit Windows! I’m sorry .. it’s my fault. I have changed the file. but it takes time to be applied to the site. 32bit Users, Please Email me. Then I will send you the game files. 私はそれが32ビットWindows上でテストする必要があることを知りませんでした! ごめんなさい..それは私のせいです。 私は、ファイルを変更しました。それは、サイトに適用するには時間がかかる。 32ビットユーザーは、私にメールしてください。それから私はあなたのゲームファイルを送信します。


29 thoughts on “I’m so sorry. There is a problem with game running in 32bit Windows!!!!!

  1. I am Japanese.
    I use the Google translation.
    I say your impressions.
    Wonderfully as the game, erotic.
    The wonderful it, but feel a little difficulty.
    I wonder can not be the behavior of the jump a little more smoothly?
    Although vertical direction is good, the flight distance of the lateral direction is short. It is hard to use.
    In addition, a step many from the beginning, high risk of falling death. This is because of the shortness of jumping behavior, a higher degree of difficulty.
    The risk of falling death of up to midfield, is it better to more less.
    Because it is fun and there is a scalable, also fun future updates.
    Come I want to wish your consideration.


  2. 了解した、ただどの翻訳でも扱いづらいのと文章が崩れやすいので出来るだけ簡単な日本語で書いていく。 すまない、俺が英語が出来れば良かったのだが。簡単な読み書きと会話しかできない。




    You greatest work! So amazing

  3. hey buddy thanks for the great game , i wish from you add new level in the game because the drawing content so amazing so add more content as much as you can also i hope from you to make lot of games like this one , it’s really really amazing and by the way there is an error in the game after update the game(there is a white box covering the character just white thing) so could please fix the problem, i’m using 32 bit windows.

  4. i hope to play game dark star but my country web don’t allow to visit dlsite.
    please. semd me dark star file(new version) 32bit

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