The new 32bit version has been uploaded to the DLsite.

The new 32bit version has been uploaded to the DLsite.
It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Many gamers have downloaded my game than I thought.
Thank you so much.


27 thoughts on “The new 32bit version has been uploaded to the DLsite.

  1. Thank for game, i hope you have another project like that or an upgrade version of this game(more animation, more creature, more stage, and i will very interesting if its have to be customize outfit)

    • and i hope you can add more type of sound and outfit to this game, i know i ask you many thing but as a gamer i really hope that things will be appeared in game. Beside thankful for the game, good luck to you for another project πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for your comment.

        I am currently planning a new project.
        It would be much improved..

        1. Improved control system.
        2. Improved sexual expressions.
        3. Improved sound effects.
        4. More outfits.
          Please expect my next game!
    • To help you i will type here some things you need to improve(sorry for my bad English):
      1. Animations (More type of sexual anim and more type of sexual pose for each creature, and anim and pose need to suitable to each creature)
      2. Creature (More type of creature and it is good if you can design more scare, and some special creature must have some special attack and kill)
      3. Sound (It is good if we have some type of sound to choose like illusion Hentai game, and of course is a good sound)
      4. Outfit (I hope you can add more outfit, and we can customize outfit in and out sex scene, i love most outfit is mini skirt with stocking or pantyhouse :v – this is just my thought)
      5. Gameplay (You need to make some difficult and special in each battle with each creature, its good if we have some special puzzle in game,)
      6. Control (You just need to make that things easier and add some special control when walking and battle with creature)
      7. Expression (We need many kind of expression and must be suitable for each kind of sound and anim, pose. And i hope we can choose personality for character :v – just kidding)

      This is just what i thought, you no need to do that, you can add your own mind to your game and i hope this is better than my ideal :v good luck friend

      • i would like to share my view too~
        1.i feel like the animation is good enough, compare to many other ACT game the amount of sexual pose is rather fine, 2 or even more for each enemy! you can’t find this is most game, animation is really really fine
        2.true that it can have more creature, but special attack to kill…hmm…that make too much of a challange i guess?
        3.sound, yup the game need some better sound, mainly for our girl πŸ˜› but type to choose guess it isn’t that necesseary…
        4.outfit, but cutomizing would be a lot of work? it would be great if we have several to choose from though
        5. gameplay is good enough, sometime a too hard hentai game will just frustrate you, also i won’t want to get trapped in a puzzle in a hentai game :P…i’d rather it keep it like now , simple sometime is better. and the last boss is something tough already isn’t it?
        6. control, yup the jump is a little bit of a problem here..but it is still fine, close hand combat would be a nice addition, but special control seems complicate things up
        7 expression, yes the girl seemed enjoying LOL but well don’t need many kind of expression? again it will be a lot of art work…

  2. Yeah, the game is a work of art, im impressed of the beautiful drawings you have made, more than a new game, an update of this one would be very nice πŸ˜‰

    if i have to say something… the expression… she is being raped by an ugly space monster but looks like she doesn’t really care about it, its the only thing that i have to say!

    im exited about your next work! contgrats!

  3. I know that, because flash game can’t handle so much feature, and you not have many men to work together, but i just show my ideal not force you doing all that thing, don’t worry i still love your work :v

    • But i thought if you can extend your game over time and recruit some people to work with you i think you can have a good result in future, you deserve it with what you done and your project have amazing potential

  4. Congratulations! Enjoyed your game very much.
    Just as Lgamer have said, an overhaul of expressions will be much appreciated. But just be at your own pace and keep up with the good work!

    • I can predict soon after your work will be as popular as Pixel factory and Koooonsoft in 2D Hentai ACT genre: the extraordinary graphic quality is really amazing that I can barely believe this was your first game.

  5. I am sorry.
    I have used the display of 1024 Γ— 768.
    Unfortunately, when you play this game, the left and right becomes invisible.
    I want to somehow resolved.

  6. Hey, your game basically came out of nowhere (I randomly saw it on the front page of dlsite) and I was shocked at how good the visuals are! It reminds me a little of Dragons Crown/Odin Sphere. Love the art, animations, and creepy particle effects in the alien stages. Incredibly hot.

    My only “criticism” was the final boss sex animations seemed less…intensive than the earlier enemies? I usually expect the sex animations to escalate so that the weedy trash enemies would perform fairly mild acts on the heroine, whilst bosses would go absolutely wild on her. But w/e, only noted it out of curiosity.

    Also, THANK YOU for including a cheat menu from the start. Really looking forward to your next project – it’s definitely ranking alongside pixesoft as one of my most anticipated releases!

  7. This is one of those game that you do not see everyday. I am loving it. The quality of the game is super. I did not even noticed the cheat menu until i got to third stage. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next game. I might even donate (rarely from my past life).

  8. I’d also like an expression that depicted the scenes better. She is being raped, so some kind of a disgusted face. Or since some people like mind-break, maybe you can do both good & bad and give us an option.

    Cheers and keep up the stellar work!

  9. epic games. lol why you didn’t released this version for first . this way you lost at least 1000 copies. your work is awesome! keep it up

  10. Bro… this game is great, especially you made a uncensored version for it, but I do feel few part of it is like missing something.. and here is some thing if you would put in will make the game better, at least for me. For example, the climax is not too obvious, and I do like a bit of rest after climax with “milk” come out from the character’s pussy.

  11. Bug report:

    Well, when I get to stage 5, or whatever stage it is, facing a big black diamond stuff, can’t beat it, and then I TEMPORARY exit the game. But after that I cannot use continue anymore, it just simply stock at the screen says “Now Loading”, I been waiting for over 30 minutes so I believe this must be something wrong, or whatever, if you can please confirm or debug.

  12. how can i download this game for free? i tried every place on the internet none worked , can u help me to get the full version πŸ˜₯ ? ( also my PC is windows vista )

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