Dec/21/2014 Update + Uncensored File Link

Dec/21/2014 Update

– Some animations and move control has been changed.

Ani_3Ani_1 Ani_2

 Download Link :


Uncensored Asset File 

Extract to   Dark Star_Data/

Overwrite   sharedassets2.assets


55 thoughts on “Dec/21/2014 Update + Uncensored File Link

  1. Hello, just wanted to ask – your animations are hand-drawn, or is it some kind of 3d rendering? Either way they are awesome, I just wanted something like that for my game. Thanks.

  2. Your new animation and facial expression is awesome, new control is good
    In my opinion, if you update more, just need too add more animation, stage, creature and some customize ^^
    Thank for your game ^^

  3. hmm… i can’t speak and write english perpectly… you picture good! your file is fault. your guide is that overwrite ‘sharedassets2.assets’ in ‘Dark Star_Data’ but i operate game after your guide. gallary is black. so if you solution please send me my e-mail address. i glad to play yourgame.

  4. awesome works.
    I just wish u made the character always at the fron, and not get covered by other monsters – reaaally hard to watch and relax!

  5. I noticed your banner shows the character being molested by two aliens. That’s actually a good idea to implement in future games. If you have scenes where the character is molested by multiple and different aliens (kinda like a combo), that’s more things for the players to experiment and collect in the gallery. You can make escaping the scene more difficult (hit x longer, for example), since the character is fighting several aliens at once.

  6. i don’t know if it was intentionally but, notice that the girl can move when crouching, like she slide through ice or something.

    happy new year! i look forward for your next work/updates!!!!

  7. One of the new animations makes it look like she’s pregnant. Is that on purpose, or will it be fixed in a future update? That scene would look much better if she were in her normal form.

  8. Hello, grimhelm, your game looks really awesome and I hope that your project will advance further with more variety of scenes / poses / gameplay features / etc. (though the only thing that looks a little bit not logical is that the heroine still has panties after being raped). My question as Unity3D developer is about what kind of framework/plugin do you use for these 2D animations? They look really smooth and it seems that you can regulate animation speed quite comfortable by code. Thanks for the answer and good luck!

  9. Hey man, your game is awesome! I really looking forward for this game. Can you add some kind of a female alien as a enemie? I hope see more enemies and more new animations (but don’t delete the old). Anyway man, you are very good making this game, I hope you still launch more updates.

    • He linked it in the post. Click on the DLSite banner, and it will take you to the game where you can purchase it. Don’t be a pirate, support the maker of this game, so he can be encouraged to do more updates.

  10. hey, i wonder ask you something. you replyed to “Download the new version from DLsite and overwrite asset file.”, but, that site is not function for me. how to solve problem?

  11. I have been downloaded a sharedassets2 file, and overwrite complete. But, game program gallery and main play is not working….T_T.
    Is it because that i keep using windows xp??

  12. so do i ~~
    sharedassets2 file, and overwrite complete. But, game program gallery and main play is not working
    windows 7 64 bit

    • did you download from dlsite? It will not work on the older version beside DEC updates. And, how did you applied the file? did you try to change the compatibility mode or run it as admin? I am on windows 8.1. It works flawlessly. I changed my compatibility for game to windows 7.

  13. A really nice game and it ´s great you offer a uncensore patch for it, too. I would like to see that girl being more helpless in form of restrained arms and legs, and the movements of her boody while raped are a bit too fast sometimes in my opinion. Also missing the plant CG from the previous Version where you have a look at the girl from the side. Anyway really good work and one of the best games out in this section.

  14. Hi, your game looks great, congratulation on what you’re achieving with Unity, I tried some time but couldn’t do anything like this.
    I suggest you to put more “human” like enemies, seeing your beautilful character being banged by aliens all time can be quite boring. Maybe some human-like aliens.

  15. I’m receiving an “Write to location 0000001e caused an access violation” when the game is loading after install the uncensor patch, working fine without it (Windows 8 64bit).

  16. hey buddy thanks for the great game , i wish from you add new level in the game because the drawing content so amazing so add more content as much as you can also i hope from you to make lot of games like this one , it’s really really amazing and by the way there is an error in the game after update the game(there is a white box covering the character just white thing) so could please fix the problem, i’m using 32 bit windows.

  17. Do you have any plans to keep updating this? I tried the trial and thought it was very good. Because if you are going to keep updating this e.g adding monsters, levels and, animations I will head straight to DLsite to grab my own Dark Star.

  18. もしかしたらダークスターのキャラクターHP数値がいくつあるかを知ることができますか… ?

  19. It’s really good(amazing) game,I’m like it very much.

    It make me have some ideas want to share with you—– if you plan to continue creat new series of this Sexy SF Game
    The thoughts is about a girl running through gigantic digestive tract ,maybe she is in a huge alien creature‘s(maw、enteron、digestive tract or alimentary canal…..etc.) She is “Escape from Digestion”

    I reallyexpect these interesting images can become a fantastic game with your draws designing.

    I am looking forward to you can see this,
    Good luck:)

  20. hello, first off i love your work, great job seriously. second, i love the game sounds before you updated it, do you have the original file before the update? if so could i have it please? I have already bought both works and am waiting for the next one 😀

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