Next Game…. sprites & monsters










33 thoughts on “Next Game…. sprites & monsters

  1. checking your blog everyday and finally there is something new!! can’t wait till your next creation, wish you could keep update dark star too

    • White overknee boots would fit to the outfit, I guess 😉 . I hope for some tentacles and tight restrains and impregnation.

  2. Just found you on DLsite after they sent me an email about points and boy am I glad they did. Dark Star while short was amazing! Just a heads up, while I’ll follow you here, you could make a lot more publicity on Patreon. I know support a lot of creators on there and it’s a great platform for building your budget.

  3. Long time no see,Grimhelm.I’ve played your game DRAK STAR.It was so fun,very erotic.That’s good game.I’m sorry for my poor English.


  4. Game idea looks really nice. Kinda reminds me something, but dunno what…Wait what? What is grandpa doing there?!

  5. and PLEASE make the sex slower. looks like get fucked on LSD or speed or whatever.
    BUT i have to say too the graphic is beautiful

  6. Hey, you’re really into blondes! Hope to see more human enemies, can be quite boring seeing intercourse only with beasts. Stunning arts, as before, congrats.

  7. I believe that there should personally more Female on Female H-Content as it’s extremely rare I played Dark Star. But even more people might be interested if there were more females in it. Also i’d like to request ETA on the game. I say more female on female content because it is seemingly rare. I don’t speak for everyone it is merely a suggestion. Also I would EXTREMELY SUGGEST Higher Player Health and a struggle system like Shinobi girl Witch girl and the series of Kunoichi games from (i am unsure).

    • I had fun playing Dark Star and I understand that you would probably want to move on to a new project but I really do wish you could continue work on Dark Star. I only had the opportunity to play it recently and the game is fun but some mechanics of the game could use some tweaking. The enemies ability to stun lock you is also unfair but it would be fair if they could be stunned too. Some enemies hide off screen and just dash into the screen and grab you, that’s really annoying. I’m hoping you can work on these issues, cause if you did the game would be even better than it is now. In any case, I’m interested to see what your new game has to offer.

  8. Wonder if you can help me out with something. I purchased Dark Star on DLSite and every file in the download says I need administrative rights to use (Even the install file says I do not have permission). Is there any way to fix this?

    • Okay, bizarre update to my issue. I tried using copy and paste to another location and the locks went away. Not sure how or why that helped, but it did. Updated file looks great by the way, just hate that we lost some of the double animations we had. The new double animations are nice.

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