Dungeon&Maid Demo


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1920 x 1080 Fullscreen

1280 x 720 (window mode)

800 x 450 (window mode)

960 x 540  (Web)


34 thoughts on “Dungeon&Maid Demo

  1. Could you make it more like Unholy Sanctuary?

    As in that the enemies rape her AFTER they’ve defeated her? Or maybe have that for boss battles? Lose to boss, and you get an animation of the boss raping her. It would make the game so much better! At the moment it just feels weird and dull because she gets up like nothing after she have been violated..

    • -1, instant rape and then keep continue is the key of these game…only show on death will just make the game more like a normal action game than an H game…and you need many death and restart to see everything..hell no!!

      • But… there’s no tension at all. Have you played Unholy Sanctuary? Even if the art isn’t as good, the game is better because everything happens after being defeated.

        Here the monster suddenly rapes her, and after that, she just gets up and continues on like nothing as happened. It seems so mundane and routine. What’s the point? It makes no sense.
        The sex scene should happen AFTER defeat, when the monsters finally get their hands on her…

        These games by Grimhelm has sooooo much potential. He/She, the creator should really learn from Unholy Sanctuary. There is a reason it is the best selling game on DLsite!

    • That’s what YOU would like, if you like US so much, play that game, but don’t go to other devs pages and “ask” that they do their games to your liking.
      GoR based H games need to stop, that mechanic is incredibly dull, because you’re not playing the game for the gameplay, the main focus on an H game, is, and will always be the H content, having good gameplay is a welcomed plus of course. But believe me when I say that a true H game (that is, a game that merges seamlessly the h content within the gameplay is impossible, unless you do something silly like Alice in sexland, where all mundane task requires sex), having a game that is only GoR means that if you want to see the H, you have to lose on purpose, and that’s no game mechanic, you don’t play a game to lose, you play it to win (and have fun), it’s the same with the old H games that just gave you a image or an scene after you clear a stage, those just are games that happens to have hentai on them, but they’re not hentai games, same with US, it just happens to have an animation/CG after gameover, but it’s basically just a castlevania game (and as hard as one too).

      And yes, one could just get up after being raped, it’s not like they chop an arm or something, just shoved their dick into their pussy, if anything, they would end up with a sore pussy/ass; in fact, an equally long session of consensual sex will wear you more, because you’re more “into” it, so to speak.
      You don’t have to beat someone to unconsciousness to rape them, just immobilize them, that’s all, that’s why so many games have the “grab” mechanic, pretty much 99% of the enemies on these games have more than enough power to pin down the heroine and do as they want, so GoR is not the ONLY logically way to do rape on an “hentai game”, as you put it. Besides, I don’t know if you played Dark Star, but both heroines don’t seem to mind too much the rape, so, it’s not like they’re trying to avoid it at all costs and be so unwilling and fight-fully that the only way the enemies can have their way with them is to knock out them. Which just made me realize, sister Maria (that’s her name right?) doesn’t look like the feisty type, so the enemies having to completely obliterate her just to rape her seems like an overkill IMO.

      And to close things ups, look, I gather you like US that much, but just because you like something, doesn’t mean everything else have to be that way, nor everybody should do as you want, I think you liked US for the wrong reason, which is, because it’s a game first, then a “hentai game”.

  2. I quite enjoyed the demo, and will buy the full version when it comes out. 🙂

    Some suggestions for you:

    We need a few seconds of invincibility after being knocked down/raped. Right now if we get knocked down in a corner, or by the big SM King, it’s auto game over because we can’t escape from being chain-hit.
    I’d like to see some sex scenes after the SM Queen knocks you down. Kinda surprised that she doesn’t do anything except kill you.
    Enemy re-spawning after you left the scene is kinda mean. Sometimes I want to save my progress after killing a tough boss/area. But if they re-spawn after I left the scene, then the save function is less useful.

    Looking forward to the full version. Keep up the good work!

  3. the gameplay is amazing, much better then dark star but i think the sex animation are still too fast especially when near the end.

  4. Замечательная игра,просто восхетительная,Разработчики вы просто волшебники!))спасибо вам))

  5. Hey, looks great at first look Grimhelm but I would like to give some advice.
    – The stunlock ist just annoying and when you ´re cornered and enemy is to close to you can ´t hit it but it can hit you
    – Like some others mentioned above that chick needs boots, a gir lwithout boots its not a girl right, heels would be nice or white overknees for example 😉
    – I hope you implement a cheat mode as well, gameplay with keyboard is hard and not everyone owns a controller
    – some animations/movements still too fast

    But good work at all

  6. Need Futa sex scenes (specially to the queen) and obviusly a few seconds of invincibility after being knocked down, the high heels, and maybe when you rescue one of the maids, have a lesbian sex scene.

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