Dungeon & Maid will be released soon!












Final Demo


46 thoughts on “Dungeon & Maid will be released soon!

  1. 2 questions
    1. Any yuri? Pls, this deserve some girl-on-girl loving.
    2. Any chances for uncensor files posted on blog after dlsite release? It would be wonderful.

  2. how do u open the treasure with the locks on?
    btw awesome game and love the curves on the girl, evry woman should look like this!

  3. I really like the game you made, awesome! Is this going to be censored or uncensored?

    btw add some perspective view while sex may make it more fantastic! also creampie XD

  4. Amazing effort, looks fantastic and the monsters are really creative! A visual eye-candy. Thank You very much for superb work and creativity. Can’t wait to buy it.

  5. Great work, Cant wait for the release! Btw, The final demo has more scenes and stages ? After killing the first boss, the game get me starting again ):

  6. You doing great work guys ❤
    Please keep developing this game, add more things like lvl, stages more actions-poses, costumes and options.
    You can mix stages and monsters from Dark star and make the special edition of this game :DD
    The best 2d hentai game so far. Im looking forward for the full version <3333

  7. Are you going to provide us the uncensor asset file pretty please? I really hate this freaking nonsense censorship BS. Thanks and keep up!

  8. I really look forward to you finish this game.I really really love it.I focus on your microblog day by day……-_-! I hope you will forgave me for My terrible English .

  9. Grimhelm!! we are almost dying for wating! are you sure submit the game to dlsite in 09.04? it was already two weeks later… plz give us the answer TT

  10. Grimhelm. I want sound option can adjust separately. EX) BGM / SFX / Voice. Now BGM so loud and voice so quiet. Can you reflection that in next update? also uncensored asset too. Your game was so nice!

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