Download AQE v0.13


– I just updated the game. 

Press ‘F1’ key in the Gallery,  29 H -scenes will be released. (exclude 6 animations)


This is only for 64bit.
32bit version has the Low frame rate Bug that I couldn’t handle, so I didn’t build it. Sorry about that.





404 thoughts on “ALIENQUEST EVE v0.13 64Bit

  1. best game devoloper for XXX rated games. i love the art you use in your games and the overall 2d platforming. big fan

  2. I was wondering, as well as many other players of Dungeon & Maid also. Is there ever going to be an uncensored patch or are you working on just Alien Quest Eve as your priority?

  3. I completed the demo. The added content is very nice. I have no complaints about the new creatures and the art/animation. My only concern is with the added hp/mp potions. This made the game WAY TOO easy. What I enjoyed most about this game is the excitement and caution needed to reach the next save point without dying. Overall the older demo versions are a lot more fun simply because of this one factor.

    There is already a way to restore Hp at the save point. In my opinion, if people were complaining about difficulty, then make 2 modes. Normal without hp/mp potions, and easy with potions. Additionally, the blood skull is Op and turns this game to super easy mode. The Hp restore from killing creatures need to be cut by 1/3.

    Also, a suggestion. Almost all H games do the same thing. Tap buttons to escape form an H hold/animation. Making it harder just makes it annoying/frustrating due to having to tap too much. As it is now (just a few presses to escape), it feels pointless. A better way is to make an H bar. The more she is raped, the bar fills. Let her escape on her own depending on the bar. If its empty, the animation only plays for like 5 seconds then she escapes (which causes the bar to fill). If its half way filled, half the animation plays. Its its full, she gets a creampie (which slows her movement speed) and the full animation plays. However, for this to work well, you need an escape animation.

    But mostly, its just the Hp/mp potions that I don’t like.

  4. I just love the artstyle you use. animations look so organic and she looks tremendously hot. it would be nice if sometime in the future you could add an extra character to choose that instead of a plasma sword could use a blaster pistol.. and the woman instead of blondie could be brunette. similar to megaman vs zero.
    im a huge fan of your work. amazing.

  5. I have a question, in the previous version of Alien Quest Eve, I don’t remember exactly which key I was pressing on my keyboard… but I could zoom in and out my camera for better view… now I’m pressing page up and down on my keyboard and it’s not working at all. Home button works perfectly, but I want to zoom out my camera so I can have a clear view of my surroundings, which now I can’t since the camera is too zoomed in.. any advices? I’m from Argentina, maybe it’s my keyboard, I don’t really know.. but in the previous version I did it without problems… Thanks

  6. and I would actually love if I have the right to customize the settings to my own liking.. that would be fantastic

  7. Okay, I found out which key is Page Up and Down on my keyboard.. and tried it on a word document to see if it worked… it works perfectly outside of the game, but when I press it inside of it to zoom out my camera, it’s not working.

  8. I finished playing the DEMO today… and it’s fantastic, the game feels a lot more challenging than his predecesor version… I like the new zones added to the map, new mobs… and the added traps, if you fall through them, it’s most likely that you’re going to lose a life… There are a lot more mobs now in different map zones that make it challenging to get out from there… the eyes hanging out of the platforms shooting is a real pain, but I like it, makes me be more cautious about how I move… the H-scenes are really cool… I like the fact that now the fat guy doesn’t spit that three-way poison… I like this demo version a LOT… my only question is: there’s a couple of H-scenes that for some reason can’t be unlocked… is there a way to unlock them, or are they just bugged or shown on purpose as maybe the new H-scenes we’re going to get in the next DEMO version?

    I love it, it’s really hot… I have no complains, about my question of the camera zoom, it’s working… but for some reason I had my controller plugged in and if I used the keyboard it kinda confused the game and the game thought my controller was my keyboard… had to unplug it, close the game, and that’s it… works perfectly

    Love your work Grimhelm, the SFX – VFX – character design is really cool… the bubbles going up when you walk through the water, the water splash noise… everything is so well done, animations as well!

    A possible suggestion I can only imagine: maybe two game over H-scenes are a bit scanty… maybe adding two more game over scenes with different poses or featuring any other stuff than just tentacles would be cool..

    But yeah, I love this game, and I can’t wait for the next DEMO version if there’s one…

    I congratulate you for being able to do all of this stuff on your own.. really, a job very well done!

  9. Loved the demo — it was my first time playing and took about 4 hours. Loved every bit of it and really gave a good Super Metroid/Aliens feel which is what you were going for 😀

    It would be cool that the more you get “raped” the more you transform like the creatures surrounding you (maybe like the pale women or the xenomorph women) until you become one fully?

    Giving actual birth would be fun too—like birth to whatever impregnated you, or maybe a larva that rushes off screen. I loved the alien birth from the chest which is why I thought of it. Birth without death so-to-speak.

    Keep up the great work!

    • I loved that idea… having a transformation the more you get raped would be an excellent idea, who knows… maybe if you get raped too much by the male aliens you can turn into a futa, and be able to fuck woman aliens as well… or like transform into a woman but being able to do the same H-scenes than when the alien fucks you or the “zombie womans” (I don’t really know what they are) rape you with your own sword…

      Not a big fan of the giving birth idea but the first one could be awesome.. I support that

    • Bro, please… No offense, but stop and think for five seconds… Check the schedule where he uploaded this.. March 2 right? How can he be dead if he uploaded this new update two months ago? He’s doing all of this on his own, so don’t expect for him to upload regularly since before this update, the last time he posted something here was last year…

  10. how do you make such games? through which platform? I would try, there are a lot of ideas .. but I don’t know where to start, or rather from which application .

  11. well you gotta be patient, as stated by MANY users, the dude is making this ALONE and is probably not his main source of income (since patreon is being a bitch about adult stuff) so if you want him to do things faster get him another 500 patreons so he can hire other dude for doing the coding which I know is a fucking pain in the ass and also remember ALL ANIMATIONS AND IMAGES ARE ORIGINAL, that means MADE FROM 0 SCRATCH, NOTHING FROM THE OBLIVION, is not easy to do that and I really admire that from this guy. since is very well-made for an indie game that he should try out for other ways of promoting the game.

    • Well getting another 500 patrons wouldn’t do much good, since their last post was about pausing the account, to focus on the game’s development (and a sequel, as far as their page currently says?). They stated the donations were enough to continue development, whatever that means. Like, what about yourself? (Stating they didn’t want a job to distract from the dev time?) Whatever, they’re a great creator and I support them all the way.

      So, unless anyone can DIRECTLY donate to them, patreon is a no go.

  12. Hey I just played the v13 Demo and I am so hooked. I love this game so much and I can’t wait to see it completed. I had so much fun in this version. I love the sex scenes and the platforming. Thanks so much for making your games Grimhelm, I have been a fan of yours since I played Dark Star. Keep up the great work I will be waiting with bated breath for the next Demo release, I’ll be cheering you on as you work!

  13. waited a whole year until he woke up from hibernation, now have to wait another year before the release?)

  14. Please, Grimhelm, if you’re reading this, could you make a separate slider/checbox for the main character voice? I liked it when she was silent in the early builds.

  15. I think people are this crazy cause he charged his Patreon, but send no updates. I know grim will finish this. Just that, charging people without a heads up is kinda odd.

  16. Hi dev
    Allow me to make a small suggestion
    It will immensely help ur development if u can post something, anything in the patreon page regarding the latest progress.
    It will keep people interested and motivated to keep backing ur project.
    I sure am interested. This is probably THE BEST side scrolling platform action game i havr encountered ero or non ero. Really hope to see it make it to the final retail form.
    Keep up the good work!

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