Download AQE v0.13


– I just updated the game. 

Press ‘F1’ key in the Gallery,  29 H -scenes will be released. (exclude 6 animations)


This is only for 64bit.
32bit version has the Low frame rate Bug that I couldn’t handle, so I didn’t build it. Sorry about that.





580 thoughts on “ALIENQUEST EVE v0.13 64Bit

  1. Very nice action game. Even without amazing H scenario, the handling of the game is better than Castlevania, as a Castlevania like game.
    I have some sugguestions for the game:
    The “back dash” and “speed up” almost useless. When I finish the demo I found that I never use this 2 functions.
    1. “back dash”: Player is easy to fall back when avoiding the attack. Perhaps make the heroine 0.5s delay for turning back? It will focus player find a efficient way to dodge the attack. Or just inhaunce “back dash” more powerful( for example: a short invincibly time)
    2. “speed up”: I got this item after I finish the 3rd boss. Never use this ability in my play. “speed up” can be use as: A time-limit trap(pull a trigger then a time-limit door is opened.). Or use “speed up” can jump/down slide farther. Time-limit door can also be used as walkflow control.
    3. “Shield”: this skill is too powerful. “Shield” + “Blood skull” break the balance make the game boring. Nerf it please.
    4. I notice that you prepared 6 areas. The demo shows 4 area and give 4 abilities, 4 skills, 3 cards. Maybe you give items too fast.
    5. -50 HP for death penalty…… Maybe randomly reduce STR/CON/INT/LCK/HP/MP will more gentle.
    6. Unbreakalbe trap+enemy combination is more interesting than only strong enemy.
    7. Have you ever consider opening custom face/clothes ?

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